3 Insider Tips To Get The Best HIFU Treatment in Singapore

Essential read before trying any HIFU treatment in Singapore. Find out 3 insider tips on how to get the best HIFU treatment!


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HIFU treatments are one of the most common treatments for skin tightening in Singapore. Here are 3 tips on how to get the best HIFU treatment in Singapore:

1. Not all HIFU treatments/ devices are created equal

As with all quality products, there are many other “fakes”. Do note that there are only a HANDFUL of medical-grade HIFU devices that are HSA approved.

Examples include Ultraformer 3 and Ulthera.

Ultraformer 3’s Specialised 2mm setting for Eye treatments

Please ensure that your doctor is using the latest HIFU devices which are more effective and less painful.

Ultraformer Results: http://ultraformer.com/for-patients/results/

Tip: Medical-grade HIFU must be performed by a doctor – if it isn’t, please ask why.

2. Skin “Awakening” before HIFU

In severe loose skin, collagen stimulators like hyper-diluted Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite) or PDRN like Rejuran Healer should be used BEFORE HIFU to kick-start the anti-aging processes.

3. Not all HIFU treatments are performed the same way

HIFU, like lasers, are advanced tools – but still tools, nonetheless.

Specialised techniques yield better and longer-lasting HIFU results.

The results of HIFU are dependent on the doctor’s skill – training, experience and aesthetic sense.

Being trained in Korea for Ultraformer 3 HIFU, I’ve adopted similar techniques to make my HIFU treatment a lot more cost-effective and comfortable for my patients.

Through special techniques, my patients describe the discomfort as comparable to a standard laser treatment.

I use more HIFU shots per session (800 shots for full face treatments) and the Vector Lift method to customise my treatments for stronger HIFU effect.

Vector Lift: Specialised technique to deliver longer-lasting HIFU results

Instead of following standard full face and neck protocols, I tailor my treatments according to my patients’ key concerns to treat saggy skin and smoothen out fine lines effectively.

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