A Complete Guide To Jawline Reduction Via The Use Of Botox

Jawline Reduction Botox Singapore, Singapore Chin Botox

Today, plenty of people get Botox treatment to reduce their jawline and attain their dream face. Some ladies have sharper and wider jaws that give them a masculine look and a squarer face. While certain women may love their square face and sharp jawline, others might prefer to have an oval face instead, seeking to achieve that signature V-shape look. In the past years, jawline surgery was considered to be the only resort for an oval face shape, but that’s no longer the case today.

Nowadays, women are opting for a less painful and more effective treatment to obtaining their dream jawline. Studies suggest that Botox injections can help ladies reduce their wider jaws and achieve the perfect V-shape face.

Why botox injections?

Jawline Reduction Botox Singapore, Singapore Chin Botox

Women can end up with a square face because of jaw muscle enlargement. If you notice that your jaw has become unnecessarily heavy and broad, it may be best to see a dermatologist to get the issue fixed.

In recent times, a botox injection is considered the primary effective solution to any issue with broad jaws and a square face. The simplicity of the procedure is the main reason for its popularity. Essentially, the treatment method injects Botulinum Toxin into broad jaws for a thinner, slimmer-looking face. This treatment not only helps ladies to achieve their ideal V-shaped facial structure but also heightens the appearance of the cheekbones.

That’s not all—chin Botox has also been known to be able to treat any creasing, wrinkling or any other condition affecting the appearance of the chin. It smoothens out the skin and greatly enhances the side profile of the face.

In simpler terms, Botox is the ultimate solution for beautiful, rejuvenated, and healthier skin. It reshapes the face and prevents telltale signs of premature aging like fine lines and wrinkles from forming. The good news is, Botox injections cause little to no discomfort, being a non-invasive and near painless procedure.

What to expect from botox treatment

Jawline reduction Botox in Singapore has become an increasingly popular treatment. As mentioned above, botox is injected into both ends of the cheeks. The treatment is usually carried out by either a doctor or cosmetic surgeon who will check your jaw muscles and mark the areas that need reduction beforehand. Once done, they will make use of a fine needle to inject Botox directly into your Masseter muscles.

The process will take a minute or two at most. As soon as the Botox is injected into the jaw muscles, the muscles will begin shrinking. However, it may take at least four weeks for noticeable results. A visit to the doctor may also be necessary to check on your condition from time to time. You will see the final results in 2-3 months. During this time, your jaw muscles will be shrinking gradually. Once the treatment is over, you will notice a wonderfully V-shaped and oval face.

Is botox painful?

Jawline Reduction Botox Singapore, Singapore Chin Botox

As mentioned above, a Botox injection causes little to no discomfort or pain as a non-surgical treatment. In fact, some doctors might not even find it necessary to apply a numbing cream to your jawline before injecting Botox. Massage the area with ice packs after the treatment to relieve any discomfort. Furthermore, you can rest assured that Botox won’t leave any visible outward marks such as bruises that would be obvious to others!

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