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Are you bothered by seeing your double chin emerge in photos, making selfies so unflattering? Double chin, also known as submental fat, is caused by a combination of fats under the jaw, and loose skin at the chin and neck area.

The condition may be due to lifestyle habits. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially in hot and sunny Singapore, causes the skin to sag, thereby accentuating the pocket of fats under the chin. A high-fat and high-calory diet also contributes by causing an accumulation of fats. However, genetics, your facial anatomy, and ageing also play a part – so don’t blame yourself too much! In fact, some people who are of normal body weight can have double chins as well, and they will tell you that exercises for the neck and chin do little to help.

Double Chin Reduction Singapore

If you are very bothered by your double chin, you could consider seeking cosmetic treatments for double chin removal in Singapore. A complete treatment of double chin should address three areas: removal of the fat, tightening of loose skin, and contouring the jawline area. Depending on the prominent cause of your double chin, one or a combo of treatments may be needed to bring satisfactory results. Here is a list of non-surgical treatments for double chin reduction or removal.

HIFU treatment

Double Chin Removal Singapore

HIFU stands for ‘high intensity focused ultrasound’. It involves a precise beam of energy that reaches into the varying deep layers of the skin. This targeted burst of ultrasound energy into the skin layers help the skin in a few ways. It promotes the body’s production of collagen and elastin, two chemicals which are responsible for keeping the skin firm rather than saggy. The heat generated also melts fats under the skin, making it applicable for double chin removal. HIFU can also be used to reduce pigmentation and brighten the skin tone, as it can target and break down melanin in the epidermis.


‘Cryo’ relates to the cold or ice, ‘lipo’ refers to fats, and ‘lysis’ means to break down. Put together, cryolipolysis is the process of eliminating fat molecules by subjecting them to low temperatures. At cold temperatures, the fat cells undergo cell death. After which, the body’s natural metabolic system removes the dead cells. As a general procedure, cryolipolysis can be performed on a full body basis, for body contouring. However, the technology is also available at a smaller level to aid in double chin reduction. Cryolipolysis is non-invasive and virtually painless, as the cold numbs the skin after a while.

Botox/Dysport injections

Singapore Double Chin Removal

When you think of a double chin removal injection, something like Botox will come to mind. Botox and Dysport are different brands of botulinum toxin injections, but essentially perform the same task of relaxing the local muscles. They are commonly used to smoothen wrinkles such as crow’s feet and deep frown lines. For the jaw, botox is usually injected at the masseter muscle at the side of the jaw. This is the muscle mainly responsible for chewing. A pronounced masseter muscle gives the face a squarish appearance, which many ladies find masculine-looking and unappealing. Botox reduces the size of these muscles and makes the jawline look slimmer and more defined. This also aids in reducing the appearance of a double chin, by contouring the overall shape of the jawline.

 Dermal fillers

Another double chin removal injection would be dermal fillers. These are soft gels, such as hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite, that are injected into the skin to give volume, erase fine lines, and hydrate the skin. The procedure can be performed to reduce the appearance of a double chin by tightening up the loose skin under the chin. One form of dermal fillers suitable for the chin and neck is the Radiesse hyper-diluted filler. It promotes collagen growth to firm up the skin.

Threadlift Treatment

Thread lifting is a contouring procedure that can be applied on the face, jawline, cheeks and neck. Absorbable threads are inserted into the skin, giving the skin an immediate lifting effect by compressing fat tissue. The threads also boost collagen production, which, as you know by now, gives your skin a firmer and more youthful appearance.

If you are still worried about your double chin, you can consider the above options for double chin reduction or removal. You can rest assured that all the listed treatments are FDA-approved, and as they are non-surgical, they are largely non-invasive and have minimal downtime. More importantly, you should make sure that the doctor you choose is certified, and has a good track record. As everyone has unique anatomy, a good doctor will recommend you custom-made solutions for the best results.

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Dr Justin Boey

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