Which is the Best Pico Laser treatment for Pigmentation and Melasma in Singapore? (2019)


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Not all lasers can treat stubborn pigmentation effectively – that’s the cold hard truth about lasers. For the exact reasons why, read more about that here.

In this article, I’ll share 5 key factors that differentiate a good Pico Laser treatment from a great Pico Laser treatment for pigmentation and, specifically, Melasma.

Pigmentation is Treatable – Find out which Pico Laser is the best for you

1. Pulse duration

The hallmark of Picosecond lasers is the ultra-short pulse duration as compared to nanosecond in Q-switched lasers.

An ultra-short pulse duration is important as shorter pulse duration means less photo-thermal effect (less heat) to surrounding skin.

This allows doctors to deliver stronger laser energy with greater safety.

Pico Lasers remove pigmentation MORE effectively as compared to Q-switched (nano-second) lasers

The “gold standard” pulse duration is widely accepted to be 450 Picoseconds.

Pico Lasers like PicoPlus, Discovery Pico and Picocare have 450 Picosecond pulse durations.

2. Number of Picosecond Wavelengths

More wavelengths mean more types of pigmentation that can be treated.

Pico Plus & Pico Care have 4 Picosecond wavelengths. Discovery pico has 3 wavelengths. PicoSure has 2 wavelengths.

3. Peak Power

High peak power means more laser energy to break down stubborn pigments.

This translates to Better results in Fewer sessions.

Pico Laser: Higher Peak Power translates to more effective removal of stubborn pigmentation.

Discovery pico and Pico Plus have the highest peak power of 1.8GW.

4. Country of manufacture

Research protocols for the Pico Laser are developed based on the predominant skin type of their population.

For example, Korean lasers have been studied on Korean/oriental skin.

Korean Pico Lasers like Lutronic’s Pico Plus and Wontech’s PicoCare have been developed to treat stubborn pigments in Asian skin.

Pico Plus by Lutronic – Tried and Test for Pigmentation treatment in Asian Skin

Other Pico Lasers were originally made predominantly for tattoo removal in Caucasian skin.

This is the most important factor to consider…

The Doctor

Pigmentation treatment is no different from any other Medical treatment.

Finding an excellent Pico Laser is just the start.

For best pigmentation treatment results, choose a doctor who is an expert in treating pigmentation using the most up-to-date technology and techniques.

Melasma is one of the Hottest topics at my SkinCeuticals x Sozo Talk on Pigmentation and Anti-Aging.
The Expertise of the doctor matters as much as the Laser – if not more.

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