Different Types Of Tattoo Removal Techniques Explained

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Getting a tattoo is a significant event for most people. People get inked permanently because the tattoo means something special to them. Some of them get tattoos in the memory of their beloved, while others use it as a means of expressing themselves.

Whatever the reason for getting a tattoo may be, the fact remains that a shockingly large number of people regret getting a tattoo for some reason or the other.

Some reasons for which people consider getting their tattoo removed are:

  • Their tattoo turned out wrong, or below their expectations.
  • The tattoo no longer holds any meaning for them.
  • They got tattooed for a reason and that reason is no longer valid.

If you are thinking of getting your tattoo removed, you should know about the techniques that are used for the procedure. The aim of this article is to explain these techniques so that you can make an informed choice.

Laser Treatment

Best Tattoo Removal Laser In Singapore

Laser treatment such as the Pico laser tattoo removal remains the most popular method of removing unwanted tattoos. This technique works by hitting the tattoo ink in a localised area with high-energy laser light. This light breaks the ink into smaller fragments that eventually fade off as they are removed by the body. This treatment requires multiple sessions and can be painful, depending on the size and colour intensity of your tattoo. If you opt for this method, you should always choose the clinics that offer the best tattoo removal laser in Singapore.

Saline Water Fading

This technique is popular for fading the current tattoo by tattooing saline solution in the same pattern. Although this technique is more reliable for old tattoos, the newer ones can also be faded, although not completely, but sufficiently to cover them up with another tattoo.

Injectable Solutions 

Best Tattoo Removal Laser In Singapore

Sometimes, getting certain glycolic acid preparations injected below your skin at the tattoo site also results in fading of the tattoo ink. However, this technique may cause scarring. In addition, the efficacy of this method is not consistent.

Excising the Skin

This method involves surgical removal of the skin at the tattoo site. This procedure is typically completed in one sitting if the size of the tattoo permits. For tattoos of small size, this technique is sufficient by itself. However, for larger tattoos, you might have to undergo skin grafting along with skin excision to cover up the scar.

Dermabrasion Method

In this technique, the tattooed area of the skin is abraded mechanically, using a sharp, moving instrument. This technique can be very painful, depending on the location and size of the tattoo.

In addition to the techniques that have been just described, there are some tattoo-removal creams that may lighten the tattoo with regular application. However, this process can be extremely slow and uncertain. Thus, we see that, out of all the potential methods for tattoo removal, laser treatment is the most reliable one. However, you should only choose the clinic that has the best tattoo removal laser Singapore, if you want good results.

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