Double Trouble: Myths Surrounding Double Chin Reduction

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Among the many things we dread upon looking in the mirror, one that takes the top spot is that double chin, hanging and sagging at the border of our face. Double chin is extremely common among men and women alike. Most people just accept this feature as a part of growing older. However, double chin reduction is totally possible, and that too, without burning a hole in your pocket. Many specialists in Singapore have been offering this service to the utmost satisfaction of their clients.

Despite the popularity of double chin reduction techniques, there are many myths floating around the topic. As a result of these myths, many people are apprehensive about double chin reduction treatments. This article aims to highlight the truth behind these myths. Are you ready to get enlightened?

Myth 1: Losing weight helps in reduction of double chin

Singapore Chin Botox

While it is true that gaining weight might result in double chin, not all overweight people have it. Also, losing weight does not guarantee that your double chin disappears. Double chin develops not only because of excess fat, but also by sagging of skin and weakness of neck muscles. Therefore, while it has many beneficial health advantages, it is not guaranteed that you will get rid of your double chin if you lose weight.

Myth 2: Neck exercise is sufficient for removing or reducing double chin

Singapore Chin Botox

We wish it were true! Had it been the case, most of us would do exercises and wouldn’t develop double chin. Sadly, the fact is that even regular exercise cannot entirely prevent development of double chin. If you perform neck exercises diligently, you have a chance to delay the onset of double chin, but there is never a guarantee that you will get rid of your double chin only by exercise. This is where double chin removal treatments can definitely help if you’re facing stubborn double chins.

Myth 3: Double chin only develops after a certain age

This statement, although a very common notion, is incorrect. While the development of double chin occurs in most people as they grow older, some people have a genetic predisposition to develop it in their early years. There is a strong genetic component of double chin development and it can affect both the young and the not-so-young. Therefore, age is just one of the many reasons that is a factor in the development of double chin.

Myth 4: It is impossible to get rid of double chin

Never say never! While it is difficult to reduce double chin solely by home remedies and exercises, treatments like under chin Botox and facelifts have the power to eliminate double chin. Many people in Singapore are choosing these treatments and getting back their youthful appearance. These treatments are fast, easy, and economic.

With a blend of regular exercise and healthy diet, it is possible to delay the onset of double chin. While developing a double chin is disheartening, especially if it happens early in life, there is no reason to worry. If you notice sagging of your skin below your chin, you should know that there are chin reduction treatments that can come to your aid!

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