Essential Skincare Pointers For Post-HIFU Treatment Care


    So, you decided to take the plunge and go for HIFU treatment to give your skin a boost. However, you shouldn’t expect to immediately leave the clinic with amazing, supple skin. Instead, as with most medical procedures, there is a little recovery time that is needed before you see the optimum results.

    In fact, it takes time to see results because HIFU works by stimulating collagen production. It takes time for collagen production to reach the right levels where it works its firming effects on the skin. After HIFU treatment, the target area continues to improve in appearance in the subsequent 3 to 6 months.

    While you can enjoy the magic of HIFU in the months after, what’s important is how you take care of your skin immediately after the treatment. As HIFU is ultimately a treatment that damages the inner layers of your skin, the target areas will be more vulnerable and sensitive after the treatment, and need to recover.

    So, here are some pointers to take note of post-HIFU treatment.

    Be gentle

    Your skin might feel sore or swollen slightly after the treatment. As it is tender and sensitive, you do not want to hurt the skin. Make sure not to scratch or rub the treated areas for about a day after the treatment.

    Stay away from heat

    Too-hot showers or saunas are not recommended right after HIFU treatment. The high heat can aggravate the skin, and strip off the skin’s natural protective layer of oils. Instead, you can shower with lukewarm or cool water.

    Abstain from vigorous activities

    The reason for this combines that of the above two points – it risks injuries, and makes your skin warm, sweaty, and uncomfortable. You should wait until your skin feels back to normal before resuming exercise or other vigorous activities like lifting heavy objects.

    Keep away from exfoliants

    While it is fine to use gentle makeup and skincare products after the treatment, you should not be using abrasive products during the recovery period. Products containing potential skin irritants like vitamin C, salicylic acid, retinol products, and glycolic should also be avoided until at least 3 days post-treatment.

    Apply sun protection

    A sunblock with good SPF will be your indispensable companion in the two weeks after HIFU treatment. Your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight and UV, so it will be good to ensure you have sun protection on at all times. If you are heading outdoors, a hat will also be of great help.

    Apart from these precautions, you can mostly resume your usual activities immediately after treatment. As always, maintaining a balanced diet with plenty of fluids will also help your body keep healthy and regenerate new skin cells. In addition to post-treatment care being important for your recovery, having a seasoned professional perform the HIFU procedure for you also makes a huge difference.