HIFU Treatment For Skin Lifting – All You Need to Know


HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the new cosmetic treatment specially designed as an alternative to face lifting surgery. Though not much time has passed since the emergence of HIFU, it has gained immense popularity across the globe. Without a doubt, credit goes to the non-invasive and painless procedure involved in the treatment. In the past few years, chemical peels and face-lifting surgeries were widely thought to be the only solution to skin aging problems. While face-lifting surgery is undeniably effective, the sky-high price and multitude of side effects have been a heavy deterrent for many.

HIFU, which was primarily developed as a treatment for tumors, is now recognized as one of the best skin care solutions available on the market. It not only rejuvenates the skin but also tightens sagging skin and leaves you looking more radiant and youthful. In short, it is the perfect solution to premature aging.

How exactly does HIFU tighten the skin?

The High Intensity Focused Ultrasound utilizes ultrasound and thermal energy to heat up the inner layer of the skin. Unlike other skin aging treatments, HIFU is a fairly safe treatment since it only targets the affected skin area without causing any harm to the surrounding tissues. When thermal energy strikes the affected tissue and heats it up, collagen production is increased. Just like surgical treatment, HIFU targets the dermis and SMAS. The only difference is that the former does not leave any scars or unwanted marks on the skin.

HIFU therapy for lifting of the face can be also used to tighten any sagging of the skin in areas such as the neck, jawline, and cheeks. As it is a non-surgical treatment, the procedure will be almost painless. However, some patients may experience slight discomfort. This is no cause for worry since once the procedure is over, there will no longer be any residual pain and discomfort.

Is HIFU a safe treatment?

The High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment is approved by the Food and Administration Department. You can rest assured that there will be no remaining side effects or adverse reactions since the treatment does not involve any fillers and toxins that could pose a risk to your skin. Even though some inflammation or skin redness is common during the treatment, it is unlikely to stay for more than 2-3 hours. If you do still feel some discomfort, massage your skin gently with the ice packs.

It is important to note that HIFU is an ideal option for patients with mild to moderate skin sagging. It can tighten the skin, but the procedure may not work for patients with extreme skin sagging. If you notice minor to moderate sagging or other sorts of skin problems, you can consult the dermatologist as to whether or not to get this treatment done. Your doctor may suggest a face-lifting surgery for cases where skin sagging is more severe.

Is HIFU an affordable option?

Besides being a non-invasive and painless procedure, High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is an affordable treatment. The HIFU treatment cost is approximately $1,700, which is far less expensive as compared to the hefty face-lifting surgery fee of $7,500.

If you notice wrinkles, skin aging symptoms or are stressed out due to premature skin sagging, do consult a cosmetic doctor to get your skin back to normal with the help of HIFU treatment.

However, HIFU ultrasound therapy may not be suitable for cases of hyperpigmentation. If what troubles you is a severe discoloration of the skin, consider opting for pigmentation removal treatment instead.