“Hit-and-Run” Aesthetics – Why You Should Not “Doctor-Hop”


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I recently had a patient who asked me, “Doc, I did lasers at clinic XYZ, fillers at clinic ABC and I have been going for facials at another spa. I Still have aging and saggy with dark spots. What am I doing wrong?”

“Hit-and-Run” Aesthetics – The Growing Trend of Haphazard Treatments

While no-one would contemplate having three cardiologists, patients seem to think nothing of going from one aesthetic doctor/clinic to the next.

Why is this a problem?

In a cosmopolitan city like Singapore where patients have almost limitless options for beauty treatments, it is easy to understand why patients are spoilt for choice and jump from one clinic to the next.

They will get their fine lines treated with one clinician, their mid-face filled at the next and another specialist for laser treatments.

Unfortunately, most of these patients do not see good results.

Why is this so?

I term this as the “Hit-and-Run” or “Haphazard” Aesthetics phenomenon.

Patients themselves or, worse still, clinics are only looking at “quick-fix” solutions without approaching Aesthetics and Anti-aging Holistically and Systematically.

Case Study

I saw a 53-year-old lady who had fillers injected for “face-lift”. She was troubled by her sunken cheeks, deep laugh lines and saggy skin.

She only wanted 1 quick fix treatment and, unfortunately, that’s what she got.

For her, injecting fillers for a face-lift without considering skin-tightening treatments is Not going to give good results.

To understand how to treat facial aging, one first needs to understand facial aging.

Facial Aging is multi-dimensional, so a combination of synergistic treatments is needed.

Facial Aging manifests as unwanted pigmentation, loss of collagen and fat descent.

Instead of just injecting fillers, I tighten the skin and improve skin laxity using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) or Radio-frequency treatments first. This is more cost-effective as I can reduce the total volume of fillers needed to achieve a more volumised and lifted face.

By having a Holistic and Systematic Facial Anti-aging treatment plan, results will be better and more cost-effective.

It is nearly impossible to achieve holistic and organised improvements in your face if treatments are being performed randomly and haphazardly.

The Solution – Treat Facial Aging Holistically and Systematically

At Sozo, our holistic approach to tackle Facial Aging consists of the artful use of lasers, filler volumisation and anti-wrinkle treatments.

We plan for anti-aging treatments over months rather than on an ad-hoc, haphazard schedule.

We believe that regular non-surgical aesthetic procedures (skin care, anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, laser) to beautify the face and reverse the effects of ageing are far more effective than waiting until major invasive surgery is needed to repair sagging jowls and skin folds.

“We make you look your best at every stage of the life.”

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Dr Justin Boey

Dr Boey’s work experience includes the National Skin Centre and 2 other established aesthetic clinics in the CBD.

Besides being trained in Seoul, Korea for Lasers, he was also trained in Botox, Fillers and Thread-lifts in London and Boston.

Dr Boey obtained his post-graduate diploma and masters degree with distinction from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Queen Mary University of London respectively.

He completed his posting in plastic surgery at Harvard Medical School’s teaching hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, on scholarship.

Having an ethos of excellence, he served his military service as a Commando medical officer.