Laser Removal Treatment for Hyperpigmentation in Singapore

Understanding Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation usually happens when there is an overproduction of melanin in certain areas of the face resulting in darkened spots that vary in shape and size. The overproduction of melanin can be caused by many external and internal factors including sun exposure, skin inflammation or injuries, hormonal influences, and also other genetic reasons.

These factors cause or exacerbate a range of dark spots such as melasma, age spots, freckles, and also post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations. Another form of hyperpigmentation called residual hyperpigmentation can also be caused by photo contact dermatitis as a result of getting tattoos or henna.

These hyperpigmentation discolourations are generally benign, but for aesthetic reasons, you may want to remove it to achieve a more even skin tone.

How Does Laser Hyperpigmentation Removal Work?

Wondering how the lasers are used in the treatment? Read on below.

In this type of treatment, lasers are utilised to treat the myriad of pigmentation problems. A beam of laser in a specialised wavelength is emitted into the skin, targeting the pigmented area. Then, the heat energy radiating from the laser shatters the melanin pigment particles into smaller forms that are subsequently absorbed and eliminated by the body’s immune system.

Unlike chemical peels or conventional skin care products that only give you superficial results, laser hyperpigmentation removal treatment in Singapore is able to reach into deeper layers of the skin, enabling optimal pigmentation removal.

This process occurs in an extremely rapid amount of time, and the overall treatment duration is usually short, but it may vary depending on the amount of hyperpigmentation that is removed. So, if you have more areas to be treated, expect a slightly longer treatment time!

Side Effects & Post-Treatment Aftercare

Many people worry about the side effects for this treatment. Let me shed some light on it.

Common effects of the treatment are swelling and redness, but these are minimal and will dissipate in a short period of time. Topical antibiotics and cooling masks may also be applied to the skin to promote quicker skin healing after the treatment.

Do I Have To Make More Appointment Sessions?

As every patient is different, there is no definite number of sessions that apply to everyone. Each patient has varying factors for the number of treatment sessions needed, depending on the type of pigmentation they have, the depth of the pigmentation, and the surface area that needs to be treated. The rate of healing that your skin possesses after post-session is also taken into account.

An amount of 5 sessions is usually recommended for mild hyperpigmentation cases. For more complex cases, patients may need to attend up to 10 treatment sessions. Check with your doctor to have an estimate on the number of sessions you may need!

Is The Laser Treatment Suitable For Darker Skin Types?

Under the professional hands of a doctor in Singapore, the laser treatment for hyperpigmentation removal is an effective and suitable solution for all skin types. The lasers utilised in the treatments only target specific areas of melanin and doesn’t damage surrounding skin structures. So, regardless of the skin tone that you have, this treatment can help you to achieve a smoother, more balanced tone overall!


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