Learn More About The Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift: HIFU


    If you are considering to go for any aesthetic treatments like facelifts or facial contouring, you might be stumped at the number of treatments and foreign-sounding names.

    One popular treatment you would see around is called HIFU. It stands for ‘high-intensity focused ultrasound’, and is commonly used for slimming and contouring the face and tightening up saggy areas. The main selling point of HIFU is its effectiveness, coupled with the non-invasive nature of the procedure. Thus, it is often touted as the solution to a non-surgical facelift.

    How does it work?

    HIFU works by delivering ultrasound (sound waves) into the deeper layers of the skin. When targeted precisely, it can stimulate collagen production, which, as you know, is what gives skin its supple, elastic nature. The ultrasound energy is transmitted into the skin via an applicator, without damaging the surface layer of the skin. Thus, there is no scarring, no pain, and almost zero downtime.

    What areas can be treated using HIFU?

    HIFU is a versatile procedure that can be used to tighten and firm up the skin in various areas. These include:

    • Saggy cheeks
    • Double chin
    • Jawline
    • Décolletage (neckline/collarbone area)

    You can opt for a full-face treatment, or only target problem areas.

    Are you the right candidate for HIFU?

    While HIFU sounds great for reducing saggy jowls, facial fat, and smoothening overall facial skin, it is not for everyone. People who may benefit the most from HIFU are those over the age of 30 who are just starting to see visible signs of ageing. For older people or those with severe skin laxity, HIFU may not be as effective, or may require several sessions to achieve the desired effect.

    HIFU is not recommended for people with damaged skin, like photodamaged or skin with acne or lesions. If you have any metallic implants at the target area, you are generally also not advised to undergo HIFU treatment.

    Ultraformer 3 vs Ulthera: What’s the difference?

    To add to the confusion, HIFU comes in different brands. Across different aesthetic clinics, you will find that HIFU comes in different names. Two popular brands of HIFU treatment in Singapore are the Ultraformer 3 and Ulthera treatments.

    While the HIFU available in each clinic may be up to the doctor’s preference, you have a choice to pick the HIFU treatment (and clinic) you best prefer. For a quick comparison, here are some features of each type of HIFU:

    Ultraformer 3:

    • Approved by HSA (Singapore), CE (Europe), K FDA (Korea)
    • Special 2.0mm treatment depth allows for treatment at eye area


    • Approved by US FDA, and CE (Europe)
    • Has ultrasound real-time imaging capability

    In essence, both are effective and excellent choices – but you might also want to factor in things like the costs, and your preferred doctor’s experience with each treatment.

    If you are torn between the choices, it is best to do thorough research and visit a reliable aesthetic clinic to have a consultation with the doctor before committing to any of the treatments. Only then can you make a choice that you won’t regret, and enjoy the wonderful results of this revolutionary treatment.

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