Popular Reasons Why People Choose To Do Jawline Botox

Singapore Jawline Botox

You often hear of Botox as a wrinkle-removing treatment, but fewer people know that Botox can also be used on the jawline. Why would people want to have Botox in their jawline? In fact, there are a few reasons why a person may choose to have jawline Botox. Here, we outline the two main reasons:

  • To achieve a V-shaped jawline

Who doesn’t want to look good? Whether you like it or not, the world’s beauty standards today favour slim and defined jawlines like of the models you see in magazines and on television. People who wish to enhance their looks to boost their confidence may opt to do jawline or chin Botox to achieve a slimmer jawline.

Botox to the jawline usually targets the masseter muscles, which are the muscles responsible for the chewing action. This relaxes the muscles and reduces its size, thus slimming the jawline and giving a more youthful look.

  • Halt teeth grinding

Jawline Reduction Botox Singapore

Apart from aesthetic reasons, jawline Botox can also be used to treat conditions like bruxism (unconscious teeth grinding or clenching) and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome (pain in the jaw joint). By relaxing the masseter muscles, Botox can help a person stop grinding their teeth, which alleviates the pain and stiffness in their jaw. This also reduces further damage to one’s teeth due to grinding.

Things to note about getting Botox

Whether you decide to get jawline Botox for beauty or medical reasons, the doctor you choose is very important. The skills of the doctor can determine the comfort you experience during the procedure. A skilled doctor will also be able to access your facial features and administer accurate injections for the best and safe effect.

  • Before the procedure

Before undergoing Botox, the doctor will clarify your desired effects and plan out the regions and amount of Botox to inject. You should also find out about the side effects, recovery steps, and cost of Botox at this stage. The doctor will give you instructions on what to prepare for your Botox session, and you will be required to give your consent before proceeding with the treatment.

  • During the procedure

Chin Botox Singapore

The procedure itself usually takes only a few minutes. The doctor will clean the target area and inject the Botox along your jawline. The whole session shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, and you will be allowed to go back to your usual activities right after.

  • After treatment

After the procedure, you will be advised not to lie down for a few hours. You should also abstain from physically rigorous activities, and avoid rubbing the treated area. Some side effects may include swelling, redness or bruising, but this is rare and usually goes away without issue within a few days.

For bruxism or TMJ pain, patients report feeling effects within a week of receiving Botox – the teeth grinding stops and the jaw pain is relieved. For aesthetic results, most patients see slimming effects from 2-4 weeks after the procedure.

Bear in mind, though, that the results of Botox are not permanent. If you want to upkeep your V-shaped jawline, regular sessions about 6 months apart are usually recommended.

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