The Laser Tattoo Removal Process: Interesting Facts To Know

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How does tattoo removal work? Well, if you were to live to be about 200 years old, your tattoos would fade away naturally. This is because as your body loses elasticity, the skin stops being as tight as it used to be and the tattoo starts to fade. However, no one could possibly wait that long to have a tattoo removed. You’re left with little choice but to find the best tattoo laser removal in Singapore torapidly accelerate the process and helps your immune system filter out that ink. Here’s how it works:

Breaking up the ink

There are foreign elements in the body which your immune system is constantly trying to filter that out. What the laser does is provide bolts of laser energy, which is just intense light. This damages the tattoo by breaking the ink up into particles that your body can naturally remove more quickly. So all it does is to help the body speed up that process of fading over time.

Naturally, the lasers in the past used to break up the tattoo ink into pebble-sized particles. The big globules of ink that make up the tattoo are broken up into pebble-like particles when the laser pulses, before naturally being filtered out by the body. The new technology that’s out on the Singaporean market today is called the Pico way.

The Pico Way is actually able to pulse and shatter the ink into particles the size of fine dust. Think of it in this way. If you were to pour a couple of pebbles through an opening or a tube, they would fall, bang around and come out. But pouring that dust through the tube is a much easier process. It falls through much more quickly and is easier to remove.

The same thing happens in the body. The dust-like ink particles shattered by the new laser are much easier for your body to filter out than the previous lasers. 

The Pico Way

What’s amazing now is that technology has gotten so good that they can treat almost any color. The Pico laser treatment also tackles anything from hyperpigmentation to acne scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, large pores and irregular skin texture. What it does is the laser emits light that pulses in picoseconds that breaks up hyperpigmentation on the skin into smaller fragments to be removed by the body. This requires lesser sessions than most traditional laser procedure, and can cost upwards from $180 a session.

Is tattoo removal painful?

Most people liken tattoo removal to the sensation of a being constantly hit by a snapping rubber band against the skin. Other people have referred to it as a series of pricks, but the point is there is a little discomfort and everyone should be aware of that.

The nice thing about tattoo removal today is that the procedure is extremely fast. The speed at which each laser pulse occurs is unbelievable. The old technology used to pulse at a billionth of a second, with the new Pico technology now each laser pulses at a trillionth of a second.  So, even if there is a little bit of discomfort, it’s a quick process.While the pico tattoo removal cost in Singapore may amount to a certain amount of sum – you will get your results with the appropriate number of sessions.

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