Top Tips For Healthy Skin Care In A Hot Environment

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Don’t most of us hate the hot and humid climate? Strong humidity in the air forces us to pay special attention to our skin. The moisture in the air is collecting dirt, pollution, pollen, and other icky things and sticking them right on your skin. The humid weather can leave your skin layer oily and greasy, which causes acne, blemishes, eczema and other allergic reactions. As our skin affects a variety of issues such as personal beauty, hygiene, and self-esteem, it’s essential to take care of them in a hot environment!

Here are the four essential tips for you to keep your skin looking healthy, brighter and blemish-free. Read on!

1. Keep your face clean

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When the humidity levels are high, your face will, in general, get oily and greasy. Humidity can ruin your facial beauty by increasingly oil secretion, clogging pores, and causing skin breakouts. So, keep your face clean as much as possible by cleaning your skin with an oil-free face wash multiple times each day. Your skin will feel refreshed and clean when the day’s contaminations are removed from your skin.

2. Moisturise and do not skip the sun protection

Ensure your skin is getting enough good and healthy moisture. Keeping your skin moisturised is arguably one of the most important ways to keep it healthy. Consider moisture as your skin’s main barrier, regardless of whether the climate is excessively moist or extremely dry. Wearing broad-spectrum sun protection (SPF at least 15) is equally vital for a hot and muggy day. In any case, you should pick a water-based or gel-based, waterproof formula rather than an oil-based one too.

3. Get a facial

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If you are living in a region where the humidity is consistently high, it is recommended that you get a weekly facial. A quick, moisturising facial, once a week to complement your monthly schedule, will make your face shine brighter! Additionally, skin treatments such as the Singapore HIFU treatment can rejuvenate your skin immensely!

Having a facial routine involving face masks is also great for keeping it moisturised, but ensure that you’re aware of the ingredients in the masks so you can avoid the ones your skin is sensitive too.

4. Stay hydrated and pay attention to diet

In a hot or humid climate, your skin is increasingly prone to overheating and drying out. Without appropriate hydration, your skin will deliver more sebum to adjust for the dryness, and this can prompt breakouts and skin inflammation. It is hence critical to keep yourself hydrated for the duration of the day by drinking lots of water. Sometimes, when you are on holidays in a hot and damp atmosphere, eating tropical natural fruits like watermelon, cucumber, mangoes, and pineapples, is a fun method for remaining hydrated and cool. It will enable you to keep up the wellbeing and shine of your skin effectively.


We can’t change the hot climate; however, we can prepare our skin to do battle with the humidity. Simply pursue these basic tips, and your skin will endure the hot climate with a glowing look every time. In addition to that, going for a Pico laser treatment once in a while can really give a boost to your skin’s health!

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