What To Know About The Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment


Approximately 30% of youngsters in the United States have gotten a tattoo. For most of them, they get it tattooed on permanently, which means that the inked designs can be almost impossible to erase. The surprising fact is that around 25% of them end up regretting their decision years down the road. The most common question asked then is, “Is there any possible way to have tattoos removed entirely?” Well, nothing is impossible in the current technology-driven world. And tattoo removal isn’t an exception. The advanced technology has made it quite easy for millennials to get rid of their tattoos. Do you want to get your tattoos removed? Fret not! Laser removal technique will come to the rescue.

Laser surgery is one of the most popular tattoo removal techniques. With minimal side-effects and effective results, this approach has proven to be an ultimate solution for youngsters who regret getting their tattoos. In the simplest terms, a highly concentrated laser beam breaks the tattoo pigments with the help of its strong light rays. While black tattoos are the easiest to be removed via the laser removal technique, the colored tattoos may call for more exclusive lasers (depending on the color).

Who should opt for laser tattoo removal technique?

As each tattoo varies in design (depending on the individual’s demand), the tattoo removal technique needs to be customized to fit different requirements. Tattoo removal was possible in the past era; however, the major disadvantage of the traditional removal techniques was the horrible marks and scars that would be left on the individual’s skin after the removal process.

The good news is that even if you have already gone through the home remedies or other less effective tattoo removal treatments before; you can still opt for laser therapy. Even if other treatments don’t work on your skin, laser therapy will surely help you get that persistent tattoo out of your skin.

Laser tattoo removal process

Usually, the complexity of the treatment depends on the color and size of the tattoos. It is possible for tattoos can be removed in 2-3 visits, but more sessions may be required if the inked design is extremely intricate. Before the therapy begins, you will be asked to put on protective eye shields. Here’s how the treatment works:

  • The laser is first tested on the individuals’ skin to determine the right level of energy for the removal procedure.
  • A handpiece is put on the patient’s skin, and the laser beam is activated. As soon as the pulse of energy hits your skin, you may feel like someone is snapping a tight band against the surface of your skin.
  • If you have a smaller-sized tattoo, you can expect fewer pulses to do the trick. However, you may still need to visit the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon regularly to have your tattoo completely eliminated. In the first few visits, your tattoo is likely to become lighter, and not fade away instantly.

This is how the laser tattoo removal technique works. Again, the cost may vary depending on the color and complexity of the design. On average, it costs around $200-$500.

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