What You Should Expect After Each Tattoo Removal Session


Due to whatever reasons, it is not unusual for people with tattoos to want to get them removed. Just as you would find a well-reputed and certified tattoo artist to ink your body, it is crucial to do the same when looking for a removal service. A credible and well-experienced tattoo remover can make all the difference in the effectiveness and healing of the tattoo removal process.

The cost of tattoo removal

One of the most well-known and proven methods for tattoo removal today is the pico laser tattoo removal. In Singapore, pico laser tattoo removal costs can go around $700-$1200 for each session, with about 3-8 sessions required to fully remove the tattoo. If it is a small and simple tattoo, 2 sessions may be all it needs to eliminate the ink. However, large and complex body art will take more sessions. To get a better idea of the number of sessions and estimated costs needed to remove your tattoo, you will need to seek the opinion of a tattoo removal practitioner.

While many people wish they can undergo an immediate and pain-free tattoo removal process, the truth is, this is not possible with current medical technology. In fact, the tattoo removal process is almost as painful as the process of receiving the tattoo. After the procedure, the skin also needs time to heal before subsequent sessions can be performed. As such, the total length of removal time can clock up to several months.

What to expect after the tattoo removal treatment

After the removal procedure is over, your skin will feel raw and sensitive for the first few days. To protect the affected area, the doctor will provide a bandage. As recommended by the doctor, you should keep the area bandaged for about the first 3 days.

For the first 24 hours after the procedure, you are advised to avoid wetting the affected area. Subsequently, if you do shower and wash the area, make sure to dry it properly immediately afterwards.

When you remove the bandage, you might notice scabs and blisters forming around the treated area. Don’t be alarmed by this! This is perfectly normal, and is part of the healing process after the laser treatment. Try your best not to touch or pick at the scabs, as this risks forming open wounds and increases the chances of scarring. Within about 2 weeks, the scabs will fall off naturally.

You doctor will also prescribe you some ointment for the area that you can apply to promote recovery and soothe the skin. If you are bothered by the swelling and discomfort, you can use cold compresses to help you feel more comfortable.

Proper care for your skin is essential to its recovery. By taking the recommended steps to care for the affected area, it can heal more quickly, avoid infection and scarring, and allow you to continue with the next step of treatment in less time.

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